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Silver Park Stumpys began in 2001 when two people involved in similar
backgrounds got together with the intent to raise some of the best
working ranch dogs a well as a dog that could be a house pet,
a yard
alert dog and a weekend show dog.

Although the breed  was Australias first homebred stock dog, the breed
nearly disapeared during the '80's

We have put together this site to introduce the Australian Stumpy Tail
Cattle Dog and to try to explain their beginnings as well as educate
those who are interested. Although they are called by many names, ie; Blue Heeler, Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, Stumpy Tail Heeler, or by thier correct name of the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, they are still among the best herding dogs ever bred.  We hope you find this informative and if you decide to try a Stumpy, just give us a holler, eh?

We spend time in Texas and Saskatchewan, so keep trying if you
would like to talk 'Stumpys' a spell.

grace Harper and Tom McManus

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